Unsafe and Illegal Carriers

Before you buy any baby carriers online please be aware that there are a lot of fake or poorly made carriers on the market. If a carrier seems too good to be true it is likely it is. You’re more likely to encounter it on auction sites or marketplaces such as ebay or Amazon. You can check manufacturers for official stockists or you can always contact us for information and recommendations.

Homemade or Un-tested carriers:

There are many sellers of homemade baby carriers, most commonly Mei Tais, Ring Slings and Buckled Carriers. Many of these are very highly regarded and have extremely high standards both in construction and materials. This does not extend to all makers though and some are not as diligent whose carriers may no meet the same safety standards. Often you can tell by the prices charged, if a carrier seem to be far below the average prices available to buy it is more likely to be unsafe with little thought put into the quality of the materials used, and the purpose for which they will be used. You really do get what you pay for and saving money in the short term may only cause you to have to spend more later. The cheaper the price the more inferior the workmanship and quality of materials. Please do not put your baby at risk in order to save money, if you are unsure whether a carrier you are looking at is unsafe contact us or look for help online.


There are also a selection of carrier brands which very regularly come up as being fakes. Below are the most commonly faked carriers:

Ergo Baby Carriers:

There are many many fake Ergos coming up on auction sites and second hand sites such as gumtree. They are often advertised as brand new in box and commonly mention an instructional DVD (no new genuine Ergos come with an instruction DVD). You should be expecting to pay at least £85 for a new Ergo, if they are listed below this price, and are not listed on the Ergo website’s list of distributors, please steer clear.


Moby Baby Wraps:

Fake Moby wraps are also widely available on auction and marketplace sites. They are not made following the same ethical standards and may use dyes not fit or purpose on a baby carrier. A moby carrier should start at approximately £40 new. If you find one which is cheaper, it is likely to be a fake.


Beco Baby Carriers:

There are an increasing number of Beco baby carriers being faked also. These are, again, mostly sold on auction sites and marketplaces. This is the advice Beco give:




Bag Slings:

If you have worn your baby in a bag sling and were not aware of how dangerous they are, don’t worry. You have done nothing wrong. Bag slings are still able to get hold of, be it as a hand-me-down or from second-hand shops and the information isn’t widely shared which is why we MUST share this information. If you have a bag sling please do not use it, come to us and we will help you find something safe and comfortable.

In a bag sling there is NO safe way to position your baby.  They have to lie lengthways in the sling. This curves them up into a C shape, ramming their chin onto their chest, which forces back their floating jaw. This in turn pushed baby’s tongue to the back of their throat and shuts off their airway. Bag Slings have either a thick elastic edge, or you are instructed to cinch in the drawstring which means that any air they *do* manage to get, is re-breathed stale air.  Babies have been known to die in this kind of carrier.