Safety Information

Babywearing is a safe activity but like anything used with babies, when it is used incorrectly it can become very dangerous. The benefits of babywearing massively outweigh the risks but you must make sure you practice safe babywearing.

That is where the library plays a vital role, we are available for support, advice and assistance. If you have your own carrier and would like some help with correct, safe positioning, bring it along and any one of our trained friendly volunteers can help you. If you don’t already have a carrier and would like to hire one we will show you how to use any of the library carriers before you take them away to use them at home.

There is a wealth of advice and information regarding babywearing online but please use caution and common sense before trying anything you are unsure of, or not confident with, alone. If you feel, when wearing, that you are cautious of fully removing you hands, or that your baby is in an unsafe position, or that you are finding it uncomfortable than please trust your instincts and  seek advice. It may only take a knowledgeable set of eyes to take a look and show you how, potentially, only minor adjustments can make for a more confident, comfortable carrying experience.

Please make sure you check your carrier regularly. Check all fabric, stitching and make sure that all of the components of your carrier are present and unbroken. Many manufacturers suggest you check before each use.

These are some good basic rules to always remember when babywearing: