What Is A Sling Library For?

Maybe it’s something you first thought when you heard about the idea of a ‘Sling Library’. Why would I need one of those?

It’s not something you come across with many other things you might need to get for a baby – Baby Monitor libraries aren’t really a thing in my experience. But here’s why I think Sling Libraries are useful.


The trouble with baby carriers is that they can be quite a personal thing. There are so many types available it can be hard to know which kind you might even want. Sling librarians are people eager to try out as many kinds as possible so that they can recommend one that might suit. We’re all different after all.


Sometimes bringing up a baby can be a lonely thing to do. Maybe your other half has gone back to work, your friends are probably at work too, maybe your family is far away. You need to build up a new support network and coming to the library is one of the ways you might meet like minded people in a similar situation to you.


Sling librarys such as Bolton and Bury are run by experienced babywearers, a number of our librarians have been through Trageschule and/or Slingababy consultancy courses and lots of our volunteers have done the Born To Carry peer support course. This means they are hopefully able to help you when it comes to any difficulties you’ve been having.


As well as community, people at the sling library may be able to point you in the right direction with any other kind of help you might need. Many of our attendees also have experience in First Aid, Breastfeeding Peer Support as well as many other things you might want to chat about.


That’s the other thing, at the sling library, you may even be able to grab the time enjoy a ‘hot’ cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thing!) perhaps even made by somebody else!